STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 June 2015

Lacking in Movies

Procompsognathus never made the casting calls for any of the Jurassic Park movies. Their cousins Compsognathus did, however. Because of this, we have a visually similar dinosaur on the big screen. Assuming that their behaviors were somewhat similar, because of their size and similar body plans, Compsognathus could be a reasonable stand in for Procompsognathus in terms of watching how they may have behaved.Procompsognathus is estimated to have been about the same size from nose to tail and at the shoulder, but Compsognathus is estimated to have had more mass overall. The increased mass only amounts to about 3 lbs., but that could be enough to dramatically alter how it ran, hunted, and ate. Somewhat ignoring those differences, take a look at the puppets that were used in The Lost World to represent Compsognathus and consider them as similar in movement abilities to Procompsognathus:

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