STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 July 2015

The Paper Elephant

There are so many articles and published studies on Deinotherium that it is almost ridiculous how much information is simply floating around out on the internet. These animals are charismatic because they are large mammalian herbivores and they look like elephants. They are also charismatic because we know so much about them. This kind of circle can go on forever honestly. The more we get to liking some animals the more we study them and the more we like them. In the case of Deinotherium that is honestly a truth. The teeth have, of course, been studied quite frequently. The entire, or partial, skeleton has been studied as well many different times. What is most intriguing about Deinotherium studies, however, is the global involvement of the people studying these animals. They have been studied from remains in Kenya, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and many other localities. The geographic and temporal diversity of the animal is quite astounding.

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