STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 August 2015

Basics for Tikes

The largest problem we run into with new-to-science fossil animals is that they take a while to gather followers in society. Asilisaurus has a few links here and there that describe the animal in a way that younger audiences could explore the near-dinosaur's history for themselves, but far fewer than most of the fossil animals that we explore here. The online dinosaur encyclopedia, or Dinopedia, includes references and quality information, but may be at a slightly higher reading level than our youngest fossil animal fans might be able to muster just yet. Mid-level readers should be fine with this page. They should also be able to easily read the About page dedicated to Asilisaurus. The top of that page is actually perfect for our youngest readers as well. Prehistoric Wildlife hosts probably the shortest page that I would consider "kid-friendly" and does not have as much information on it as the other two; however, it is still a useful tool for learning about the near-dinosaur and can be visited by younger readers. The animal in question has no coloring pages or fun little sites to visit, but these three pages should help start an interest in Asilisaurus for kids that are into dinosaurs and anything that looks like a dinosaur.

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