STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 August 2015

Sleepy Lizard of Wonder

Nobu Tamura
Thescelosaurus was a bipedal dinosaur. As it was with many other Ornithopod dinosaurs, this cursorial herbivore probably used its bipedal speed to escape threats more than any other characteristic of its anatomy. It does appear to have had grasping hands, but these were probably not of much use in grappling with attackers. They could probably had aided in wrestling with attackers, but not significantly. Thescelosaurus does not appear to have been extremely fast, however, and may have run in herds to offset its slower speeds. Alternatively, the small dinosaur may have run into the undergrowth and used obstacles to its advantage when avoiding predators. Many speculations like these can be made by observing the morphology of the available skeletons.

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