STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 October 2015

Helping Kids Everywhere

There are even more facts out there for younger readers and dinosaur enthusiasts than there were the first time that I relayed Gorgosaurus facts to our readers. The usual suspects are still around, like About and Enchanted Learning. These have been updated in the past couple of years, because staying with the times is of great importance in science and in education both. That means that even if the readers out there that have seen the earlier Gorgosaurus series of entries, it is worth clicking on the links to see what has changed and go back over the information just like it was the first time seeing the dinosaur. The youngest readers and dinosaur enthusiasts will be seeing Gorgosaurus for the first time, so they will be excited anyway, because Gorgosaurus is a fantastic and frightening dinosaur. However, these are not the only places to find this rather interesting dinosaur. Raresource has a short paragraph, easy to read for most middle level readers, that explains what we know, and how we know this, about Gorgosaurus. The gem of the day is probably the BBC website that has been created to help supprt BBC's Children in Need fundraising initiative. This is, of course, a U.K . program to help children with various needs (special needs, diseases, and many other charitable programs), but the activities and dinosaur fact pages are available for everyone. Everyone's favorite cartoon dinosaurs from Hooplakidz also have an episode for Gorgosaurus since we last discussed this dinosaur:

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