STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 October 2015

New Discovery

I have been trying to post screenshots of my Facebook version of the blog all week from my phone and just noticed today that my OneDrive account can extract the text from the screenshots, making posting much easier. Here, then, is the post I put up this morning (I'll have to edit the text and spacing later):
It has been quite a week. First of all, I
apologize to the really ardent fans of
Stygimoloch for having a shortened week with
that dinosaur. Tuesday was a travel day.
Wednesday saw me running around. My
phone says I walked about 5.4 miles total and
my Airbnb is 1.1 from the conference; that
means I did about 3.2 miles at the conference.
Yesterday I presented my poster. In the future
I can share some of that poster; however, until
the images and information have been turned
into a manuscript the masses will simply have
to wait! Rather than start a new dinosaur this
week, I will finish up the conference, go over
what happened there a little bit, and then
finish the week of Stygimoloch.

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