STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 October 2015

Wading Through Papers

Gorgosaurus has a number of papers per find. I would not go so far as to say tenfold (that would be over 200 papers), though there could certainly be that many papers concerning the genus; the internet surely does not hold all of the literature and knowledge of the ages despite the fact that it does indeed hold many and more individual treasure troves of such. In many recent papers Gorgosaurus is considered in conjunction with, or contrast with, many of the dinosaurs that are being discovered in China and Mongolia (the linked paper is from 1955, but is indicative of many of these types of papers) and in many family-wide comparisons. There are papers that discuss Gorgosaurus behaviors in relation to other tyrannosaurid behaviors, especially the gregarious behaviors associated with hypothesized pack hunters. In the modern era of science, Gorgosaurus is still making a name for itself, especially in the 3D world with digital finite element analyses (FEA). Strain and stresses are buzz words in science and Gorgosaurus s one of those few dinosaur that has had its bones stressed and tested in the digital world of FEA. The results are fantastic and the images that come from these sorts of studies are beautiful.

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