STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 November 2015

Mastodon Science Is Wonderful

One of the best thing about the recently extinct is that we tend to have a record that is usually a bit more tenable and therefore easier to study. That means I can excitedly share papers that discuss topics as wide ranging as protein sequences, hunting of mastodons, bone formation, and even evidence of butchering. The level of knowledge we can obtain from mastodons is astounding. The fact that we can use so many different methods and studies to explore the world and anatomy of mastodons. My favorite articles, as I repeatedly mention, are the descriptions. There is no way to get the type description that I have found yet, unfortunately. That kind of thing happens though when the naming article was written in 1792. There is an 1895 article discussing the species named by Robert Kerr which discuss the naming briefly. We can deal with that though, given the wealth of information that is available in the modern era.

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