STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 November 2015

Movies of Mastodons

Some days the movies find themselves and the post barely even needs any writing. Today, despite my knowledge of music, I had to be reminded that searching just "Mastodon" turns up a lot more music than animals in the first hits that come up. However, there are plenty of videos for the animal as well. Enough that, once the search was reconsidered, there were plenty of videos that came up. On the news front there are videos about mastodons that were dug up, fairly recently, in a Michigan yard. The find was a surprise to the owner, but he was pretty excited, as was the news. Prehistoric New York, aired on Discovery, featured an episode on mastodons living in what would become the city a mere 12,000 years later. There episode of the show was pretty interesting overall, but it is awfully high production (thankfully of course as concerns documentaries). It is a nice depiction, just about as nice as the Field Museum's display, shown and discussed in this video. Personally, I'm a fan of this video that mixes the initial search (music) with the animal search. Here is Troy Sanders (parental discretion certainly advised here):

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