STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 November 2015

Reconstruction of Skeletons

Videos on this popular felid-like marsupial are not often professionally created. That does not stop people from putting up videos of the animal, however. These videos are often quite badly done though, as a result, and are of the type that are often associated with terrible music choices where the volume has been left at the highest possible setting and the illustrations are not even always of the fossil animal in question. The best representation of Thylacosmilus that was available today was actually shown in a video of a skeletal display piece of the animal from Museo Municipal Punta Hermengo de Miramar. My knowledge of Argentinian town systems is awful, but it appears that this museum is in a town known as Miramar south of Buenos Aires in General Alvarado Partido (partido being a lower level administrative district of Buenos Aires). I like to learn about these kinds of things. Regardless, the museum put up this video of the display being prepared and set up and it is interesting to look at the entire skeletal display. The area in which the museum is located is an area in which fossils of Thylacosmilus have been found, making the display that much more poignant. The lateral view of the teeth and corresponding mandibular structures are not perfect in this display, but are rather interesting and beg the question of why such an arrangement would have come to exist.

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