STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 January 2016

Florida Transport

There are a few short clips featuring Tsintaosaurus circulating on the internet. These range from an animatronic dinosaur park in Florida to museum exhibits. Fleshing out of the dinosaur in the animatronic park resulted in a strange unicorn-like dinosaur that was not, like the rest of the dinosaur park, mobile. This representation is actually a static statue. It is not the greatest representation, however, it is an acceptable version and is introducing more people to this unique dinosaur. The fact that it is misrepresenting the crest anatomy is not a big problem. It could certainly be a worse situation. It could definitely be a better situation though as well. The museum exhibits are, as we would expect, not fleshed out dinosaurs. They are skeletal mounts of course, and they are quite well done. They have the originally described crest in all of the skeletal mounts that I have looked at so far at least.

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