STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 February 2016

Famous and New

Many reasons that dinosaurs, in general, become famous center around the size of these animals. Large animals, whether mammals, fish, reptiles, or otherwise, are almost always intriguing to the populace. Partly this is due to the fact that there is a sense of bewilderment that follows any animal larger than a human and partly it is due to the fact that that sense of awe is tied into some primal instinct to be wary of things that can squash, eat, or otherwise end your existence without really trying very hard. Dakotaraptor's fame has stemmed not only from its enormous estimated size, but also from its family tree. Dromaeosaurs are known to the general public as "raptors" and, thanks to Jurassic Park mostly, they have captured the imagination and fascination of at least two generations of movie goers and readers. These vicious looking animals are terrifying and when they reach the sizes of animals like Dakotaraptor they become doubly terrifying. Adding to this are the bird-like qualities of intelligence and the potential for communal pack life. Multiple deadly dinosaurs taller than the average person are extremely frightening, even if they are long gone from history. There has not been much time for well done books, toys, or other forms of popular culture to take hold of Dakotaraptor, but video games are often the first and they do not disappoint in that regard, even if they are represented by user created testing content so far:

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