STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 April 2016

Sites to Avoid

Andrewsarchus makes an appearance on a number of websites. Some of those are not exactly the kinds of sites that we want to get facts from. Therefore, ignoring the message boards with dinosaurs hypothetically fighting one another, the best fact pages are the only ones left (this makes sense to everyone I imagine). There are encyclopedia entries like that at Kids Search that is very short and not very thorough but also very thorough sites like About. About's site is now, or at least for this single animal, divided into individual pages for each part of the entry. There is an entry on Dinosaur Jungle that is also well written. It does feature a very wolf-like Andrewsarchus at the top of its page, which is very incorrect, but an understandable mistake. Prehistoric Wildlife is more of a fact file than an encyclopedia article. Instead of the normal Prehistoric Wildlife images at the top of the page, only the skull is featured in the size comparison. This skull is illustrated and looks really nice, it is an interesting size comparison image.

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