STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 May 2016

Carnotaurus Facts

There are many ways to find information about a dinosaur as widely known as Carnotaurus. Those ways include normal fact sheets like those found at Enchanted Learning and About. The real value today is in allowing a 2nd grade student to teach his peers about a dinosaur that he likes. There is nothing quite like young enthusiasts teaching one another. Our older readers may be more interested in different videos that are a little more edited. There are plenty that are far too edited, featuring music that really does not seem to go along with the information or images that are presented in the video. We can actually follow the progression of videos through their complexity with the assumption that the video from the 2nd grade student is somewhere in the middle. The Dinosaur Feed presents a video that is all instrumental music and written facts displayed with an animated Carnotaurus. A more detailed, but somewhat editorial representation of facts is presented in this Paleo Profile video. Clocking in at nearly thirty minutes it is definitely the most detailed video.

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