STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 May 2016

Cartoons and Serious Movies

Ranging from independent animated shorts like the simply titled Carnotaurus by Bennett Kim to serious feature length films, Carnotaurus is a film superstar.

In the majority of films Carnotaurus is depicted as a violent, and often, brainless carnivore with a single goal. That single goal tends to be the devouring of all life forms though that is not the case in the above Bennett Kim short. Dinosaur fandom being what it is, there are also more amateur productions such as this puppet feature by the so-called "Great Nate". We are not disparaging an amateur short like Nate's; his puppet fight is actually fairly well done and fun to watch. Most famously, Carnotaurus, was the feature villain in the 2000 animated Disney film Dinosaur. There were two animals that attempted to eat the main characters without talking or singing and dancing (contrary to many Disney movies) but they eventually were not able to eat the main characters. Sad for the villains.

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