STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 May 2016

The Degrange and Tambussi Series

The Degrange and Tambussi series of papers on Phorusrhacid terror birds is not always those to authors or always in that order. The reason that the majority of papers are written by the two is that they are in the heart of terror bird country and they have an awful lot to say about the birds they have studied for so long. Those studies and results have turned out papers concerning all sorts of biomechanical analyses and results that tell us a great deal about the birds. Specifically, in the world of biomechanics, Degrange led a paper on an analysis of feeding habits and behaviors of Andalgalornis in 2010 that shed a lot of light on diet, cranial kinesis, and and the general capabilities of the terror birds of South America. In a further expansion of the dietary and behavioral capabilities of Andalgalornis Tambussi led a paper describing the flexibility of the neck of the bird. This paper includes one of my favorite behavioral inspired graphics that I have seen published. The inferred range of motion is very clearly detailed in this singular image and almost eliminates the need for the rest of the figures.

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