STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 June 2016

All the Videos

Every video with the name Antarctopelta leads to game clips or narration over game clips from the Jurassic World game. Very few of these videos are lengthy, educational, or actually focus exclusively on Antarctopelta. A rare but commonplace (anatomically speaking) dinosaur often suffers from a lack of enthusiasm or favor from the public. Apparently, given the volume of Jurassic World Antarctopelta videos, winning, unlocking, or receiving this rare dinosaur is a feat worthy of the many guides and bragging videos about having unlocked the animal in-game. Buried in all of these videos is a single tribute video. This is shared below, odd music choice (Korn for some reason) and all, as it is the only video that is not an in-game video of the dinosaur. There is no real documentary purpose to this video, but it does show a lot of illustrations of the dinosaur, making it a nice collection of visuals if nothing else.

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