STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 June 2016

Pride of Arizona

Papers are written on a regular basis about dinosaurs from many different regions and specific states. Not many of the dinosaurs that we have discussed here include reference to Arizona. There are a few, but of those, Scutellosaurus is one of the most prolifically written about. These papers do not include the description paper but many papers from that long ago (almost 35 years ago) have not made their way to the internet and electronic hosting still. We do not expect they will be any time soon, however, there are still a number of other important papers that can be read about Scutellosaurus online. These include redescriptions of new material that is attributed to the dinosaur discovered approximately 16 years ago. Rosenbaum and Padian maintain the position of Scutellosaurus and attribute the new material to the dinosaur despite the incompleteness of the previously described skeleton. Other papers mention but do not feature Scutellosaurus. There are papers on herbivory in dinosaurs and descriptions of the thyreophoran family. Finally, it is important to note that Edwin Colbert revisited his original description and discussed Scutellosaurus in the Third Annual Fossils of Arizona Symposium. The original restoration is presented again in the portion of the paper discussing Scutellosaurus. It is an informative skeleton but the description of the material is more useful for understanding the animal. The visual helps of course.

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