STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 July 2016

Apatosaurus Thunders into the Spotlight

Apatosaurus appears in too many documentaries, texts, and movies to mention in a single post. There are already posts that address some of the older popular posts that are on the internet or in print. Some of the best new material has to do with the splitting of Brontosaurus from Apatosaurus that was so popular a short while ago. Additionally, the studies on supersonic tails in sauropods, Apatosaurus in particular, have been extremely popular in the past six months. There are videos that address this hypothesis and the subsequent testing of that hypothesis. One of the best sites that was not shared prior to this writing is the DK Eyewitness introduction to Apatosaurus. Their Apatosaurus model is very Diplodocus looking, but the information is still quite intriguing and the presentation is very much inline with the typical presentation of dinosaurs in popular outlets.

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