STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 August 2016

Placement and Description

Megaraptor is an interesting dinosaur in that it is a rather large theropod with dromaeosaur-like properties. These interesting affinities led to a complex description that is based on quite fragmentary evidence. Though fragmentary, the holotype fossil possesses as much if not more material than quite a few other fossil remains. This description is available online in the main describing paper written by Fernando E. Novas. The read is very short because there is little fossil evidence to describe but the descriptions of each piece of fossil is as detailed as it possibly can be. New descriptions do exist and these new descriptions allow for what is currently considered the most likely phylogenetic affiliation of Megaraptor. The copy is a little difficult to read, but the new specimen description is intriguing and important for dinosaur phylogeny. New specimens, in fact, continue to be unearthed and described. This includes a juvenile specimen that was not attributed to another genus or its own genus and furthers the knowledge we have about its placement and morphology.

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