STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 December 2016


Popularity makes writing this almost farcical with some dinosaurs; I could easily just place links and videos in here all day long with a dinosaur like Tyrannosaurus and spend no time at all working on the post. However, there is no fun in just posting videos and not getting to discuss them at all. Many fact pages exist for Tyrannosaurus; Google lists an abbreviated version of a fact page on its front page of results when searching for Tyrannosaurus facts. There are a number of issues with that front page including the illustration of Tyrannosaurus and the capitalization of "Rex" among other issues. There are a few high quality fact pages that need to be highlighted. The first page I am sharing is the University of Manchester Museum's page describing and discussing the mounted skeleton (cast) of a Tyrannosaurus known as Stan that is housed in their display hall. Their description goes beyond the mount itself and discusses some scientific studies concerning not only Stan but all tyrannosaurs and the findings of those studies. This is important for our younger readers because it shows not only facts about a dinosaur, but some important results of intense scientific inquiry. ScienceKids, the encyclopedia hosted in New Zealand, hosts a long lists of facts about Tyrannosaurus that lists all kinds of different facts about the dinosaur that have been collected from throughout the known results of Tyrannosaurus research over the last 100 plus years. The last page that I want to specifically mention is Kids-Dinosaurs. This site not only has posted a significant list of facts, but has made those facts interactive and illustrated the facts with informative artwork, graphs, and photos of fossils. The video I think is most worth watching for entertainment purposes is the always popular cartoon series I'm A Dinosaur, shared below. I will save some other videos for later on in the week.

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