STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 December 2016

One More Week in December

The second half of the dinosaur calendar this month is a dinosaur that is closely related to last week's Barosaurus in many ways, including environment, the era in which it lived, and their interactions with one another. The most important interaction between the two dinosaurs was, most likely, that of a predator-prey relationship. Allosaurus often came into contact with Barosaurus and, some of those times, Allosaurus managed to feed on Barosaurus. The sauropod, as we saw last week, was enormous, so Allosaurus would have had a difficult time bringing down and eating its counterpart. The image of the two dinosaurs floating in space peacefully tethered together may be unlikely, but the lives of these two genera of dinosaurs were tightly intertwined and seeing a different view of the dinosaurs interacting is fun as well as interesting.
©Brynn Metheney

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