STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 December 2016

Tyrannosaurus Anatomy

The general shape of Tyrannosaurus is known to everyone that has ever seen anything labeled as a dinosaur. The dinosaur itself is more complicated than its general outline of course, and this is a very important distinction to make; not every dinosaur shaped like Tyrannosaurus superficially is in fact T. rex. The hypothesized anatomy of Tyrannosaurus has recently been the subject of a National Geographic documentary and, despite my enthusiasm for describing all of that anatomy, a great mock-up has been done for me already. The key to watching a documentary like this is to remember that, though the anatomy is based on hypotheses, these hypotheses have been tested in various ways for many many years and they are mostly based on extant members of the extended Tyrannosaurus family; these include inferences developed from crocodylians as well as birds.

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