STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 December 2016

Tyrannosaurus Popularity

We all know that Tyrannosaurus is a very popular dinosaur and the list of known attributes of the dinosaur, both anatomical and ecological, is growing regularly. The literature, professional, amateur, and popular is immense and it too is growing regularly in all areas. I contemplated putting the list of all of the resources that could fall into those categories, plus movies, toys, and other popular culture online, but the list is so enormous that this blog post would take days to read. Instead, looking for Tyrannosaurus on one's own, you the readers could be just as busy and find links that I would not necessarily put on this blog. What I do want to share today, that someone would find but that might not been seen regularly, is this video, which shares a lot of images of the dinosaur gathered from popular sources:

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