STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 January 2017

A Fun Little Bird

Fossil birds have a habit of becoming popular overnight. This is in part because we have so few good fossil birds that any that are well preserved are sensational. However, Sapeornis is somewhat of a fossil celebrity and because of this there are many sites online that discuss, disseminate, and describe the facts thaat we know about this small fossil bird. The first site is one we are very familiar with here, Prehistoric Wildlife, which presents facts at a reasonable reading level and includes suggestions for continued reading at the end of the passage. The KidzSearch encyclopedia also has a page on Sapeornis, though this page is significantly shorter than that of Prehistoric Wildlife. Still, it does manage to cover some of the most important facts that we know about this animal, which is what is important in a fact page. Lastly, a much shorter reading experience can be had at the Dinopedia (it is literally only three sentences) along with a very nice illustration of a rather colorful representation of Sapeornis.

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