STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 January 2017

Ground Sloth Fact Files

Megatherium is a well-known genus of the ground sloths and as such has a dedicated following of professional and amateur fossil enthusiasts willing to write and share information about the large mammals in easy to read webpages for all ages to learn more about Megatherium. The best sites from the front page for facts about Megatherium include:

1) About - The site discusses not only Megatherium but another well-known ground sloth, Megalonyx and talks discusses the contemporary landscape. This page is suited to higher elementary or middle school readers.

2) Your Kids Planet - A site with higher level paragraphs describing and discussing Megatherium and many of the other facts covered in the About website.

3) Mentalfloss - A list of ten facts is presented for readers at a comfortable reading level that is intermediate between the first two links. There are some challenging words in the paragraphs, but not so challenging that they should stop younger readers completely.

4) Extinct Animal Facts - Presented as quick sentences, this list of facts is easily readable but does lump all ground sloths together, mixing facts here and there.

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