STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 September 2011

Children and Duck Bills

On this day, September 11th, I'd rather not dote upon the significance of the date in America. True it's terrible, and it's something that affected our recent path and past in the world as well as our country, but for me to justify not doing my job here and bringing to you, the readers, your Sunday coloring, child friendly factoids, and toy models would be both ludicrous and incorrect. Ludicrous because I don't shut down on any other holiday, and this isn't even a holiday as yet, though I'm sure it will be made such someday. Incorrect because our children don't deserve to miss out on a day of coloring and learning just because it's an anniversary of an event most of them do not remember or even know about.

All that being said, Dinosaurs for Kids brings us our fact page for today about Corythosaurus. Enchanted Learning also has both facts and a coloring sheet for us to look at. Unfortunately the coloring sheet is done in the old style of anatomical orientation and it makes the Corythosaurus look like a 1950's coloring page. This page I have found to the side is in a strangely placed straddle over the old anatomical models and the new anatomical models; it's dragging its tail while having the semi-bipedal body arrangement but the completely bipedal manus. Also, its neck is kind of straight, but the coloring potential here is fantastic if you print this puppy out!

In the toy department we have two entries. One is an older, anatomically incorrect model in all brown plastic with what appears to be a very human looking pair of eyes (I have to admit that while many scientists do not believe dinosaurs would have had the white sclera/pupil/iris eye set up, I draw my own dinosaurs with this sort of eye because I think it conveys more emotion than the lizard set up of black sclera/pupil/iris- coincidentally, I know very little about the anatomy of the eye I realized in looking up the sclera). The second toy is anatomically correct, vividly painted, and quite nice. The pictures below are the toys I'm talking about.

Try to enjoy your day folks and remember to color your pictures brightly!

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