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STL Science Center

08 September 2011

Herrerasaurus in Popular Culture

Herrerasaurus, despite being around for the better part of a century now, is not the most popular dinosaur. It has made it into a video game, 2001's Zoo Tycoon, where it was an animal in the Dinosaur Digs expansion. In the past I remember having had many zoos with families of Herrerasaurus roaming about in their enclosures and laying eggs. The system off of which the game was based was fairly simplified; a scientist watches over the eggs, feeds and cares for the animal, and the animal is either happy and roams its cage or is miserable and tries to get out. Sometimes they were let out "by accident" so they could hunt in the zoo. A carnivorous dinosaur that cannot hunt is not a happy carnivorous dinosaur, after all, and we wouldn't want sad animals in our zoos. Plus it was funny to watch a Herrerasaurus chase down zoo patrons and swallow them whole after fighting them in a cloud of smoke and limbs, like in older cartoons!

Additionally, Spore is always a good place to find dinosaurs in popular culture. Enjoy the clip, and search for even more. Then you can check out the toys based on Herrerasaurus as well.

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