STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 September 2011

On Movie Monday This Week...

Walking with Dinosaurs possesses a scene in the actual series which very very briefly includes Plateosaurus at the end of the New Blood episode. It's so brief, actually, that it only consists of about 45 seconds and then goes into credits. However, the Walking with Dinosaurs live show has a fair amount of time devoted to Plateosaurus and its contemporaries like Liliensternus. One thing that is bothersome in both the series and the live show is that the Walking with Dinosaurs team makes Plateosaurus an obligate quadruped whereas they are certainly bipedal dinosaurs or at most semi-quadrupedal. You can see this below.
Additionally, I have come across a children's show on Swedish television that mentions Plateosaurus. The show, called Bolibompa, actually, through a fairly charismatic hostess, whose name I tracked down eventually, Julia Messelt, has quite a few clips about dinosaurs and, despite being in Swedish, can be followed along reasonably well by an English speaking audience. I will have to contact the show to get more information, but the viewing list related to dinosaurs can be found here.

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