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STL Science Center

06 September 2011

The papers of discovery

If you have access to either JSTOR or the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology then today is a good day for you. Two articles came up related to Sereno et alia's discovery of the first complete skull in Herrerasaurus in 1988 in the Journal. Thanks to my subscription to and membership in the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology I can read those articles. Unfortunately, the copyrights and publication permissions for the Journal do not allow me to post anything more than links. That being said, if you're in college or at a good high school library you can most likely access the library's subscription to JSTOR in order to read these two articles. One is by Sereno and Novas, the other by Novas himself.

The articles are about different aspects of the find. Sereno and Novas write about the skull and neck anatomy of Herrerasaurus and what they discovered in the 1988 find. The Novas article is about the post cranial anatomy of Herrerasaurus. The article aslo discusses systematics and both articles describe Herrerasaurus as a basal theropod.

The third article I found is a translation of Osvaldo Reig's 1963 paper which names and describes Herrerasaurus as well as Ischisaurus and another animal found in the "Ischigualastian Beds" of Argentina. This article was found through the Theropod Archives on another site called The Polyglot Paleontologist. You can find and read the paper by looking down the alphabetical list for "Reig, O" and downloading the Word file. As with all naming papers it has a good description of the remains and justifies the naming of the animal.

Have a good day reading!

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