STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 September 2011

Writing some papers

If you have a membership, or access, to JSTOR this is going to be a ton easier, yet again, today to read one of the articles. That article is from 1995 by one Philip J Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada. His article reveals new anatomical information about Dromaeosaurus and makes new inferences about their relationships within their world. Unfortunately I cannot read it all either, but the introduction and abstract are pretty interesting and it would be nice if I could.

The other article I found for today is a 1969 article by Dale Russell and Edwin Colbert. Published by the American Museum of Natural History, the article is about 45 pages of pure description, and inference making about Dromaeosaurus behaviors- though lightly sprinkled, about the small Cretaceous predator. The paper starts with the history of human-Dromaeosaurus-fossil interaction and then delves into its detailed study. It's a very comprehensive paper which possesses a very good deal of references, photos, and hard science. It may be hard to read, because it's such hard science, but if you ever have a question about Dromaeosaurus, up to  the 1969 attitudes and not after, then this paper will most likely answer those questions.

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