STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 October 2011

Fame and the Rhino

Being a Rhinoceros grants some small amount of fame to the Woolly Rhinoceros. The other thing that helps are news reports about stolen preserved rhinos. Then we have our favorite television documentaries from the BBC, mainly as there was not much put into motion on behalf of American television which had anything to do with these rhinos since I can remember. Check back to Monday if you want to see the BBC Woolly Rhino in action. The other sources for pop culture, books and gaming entertainment, come through in a rather nice way as well in helping to show the culture some information about the Woolly Rhinoceros. As usual, the crafty creators in Spore have been up to their tricks and I have two Spore critters to show that I have found videos of. Enjoy:
Now, of course, there was also Zoo Tycoon's Woolly Rhino, which came before Spore and is very well modeled after the living rhino species.

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