STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 October 2011

In the Movies

Woolly Rhinoceroses have been in a few documentaries as at least small segments. One of the best moments for the Woolly Rhino on film came as a member of the menagerie presented in the Woolly Mammoth centered episode of Walking with Beasts from the BBC. In this segment the quietly and calmly grazing Woolly Rhino is startled by a Neanderthal out gathering wood for a fire. Danger ensues of course:

Another documentary, a pseudo-documentary really, Prehistoric Park, aired an episode where Nigel Marven goes back in time to wander about during one of the ice ages of the past. He comes across many of the animals we have highlighted this month, one of which is a type of woolly rhinoceros called Elasmotherium (E. caucasicum). Why he would save a Woolly Mammoth, an animal that has had its DNA sequenced, I cannot really say, but it does feature a segment with the Elasmotherium. While not a Woolly Rhinoceros, it was a close cousin living at the same time and I think it is interesting enough to share under this week's videos of the Woolly Rhinoceros.
Strangely, in 2007 a very well preserved Woolly Rhino was found and then stolen from the storage facility where it was being kept. I thought it would be an interesting addition to show the news story related to the theft, but it's not really informative about the rhino itself.

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