STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 October 2011

Kids and Woolly Mammoths

Mammoth being synonymous with Woolly Mammoth most times, I decided that today, in presenting coloring pages to work on I would just share with everyone the search result for my explorations. I know people could do this on their own, but honestly, there are just far too many choices under mammoth when you search for a coloring page because, in all honesty, not many of them are totally goofy and incorrect. Here, therefore, is the link to the search: Take Your Pick!

On a more personal approach on the second link, I'd like to share with you the National Geographic Creature Feature on mammoths which has a short description of mammoths and a representative picture (not a Woolly Mammoth for once!). Additionally, as nerdy as silly science jokes can be, here is a page of Woolly Mammoth jokes to share with your children today.

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