STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 November 2011

Everyone's Favorite Bird Mimic

The popularity of Ornithomimus is amazing! This dinosaur is literally everywhere. Did you want a book? How about reading some or most of one of those books online instead of buying it and glossing over it in the store? Maybe that's not your thing. Maybe you like three dimensional stand alone puzzles. If not, would you like a plush dinosaur for keeping yourself company on stormy nights when you just need a good hug? As a bonus it appears that he is ready to play the piano:
If that's not the kind of toy you look for, maybe you like sturdy plastic Ornithomimus toys. Dinosaur Train obliges us with that.

Perhaps you just want to play a game with Ornithomimus?
If you don't like them breeding on their own like they did in that guy's game, perhaps you can control their breeding yourself, like this gentleman did:
I like when kids make up dinosaur songs myself, like young Milo:
The quality of the songwriting may be debatable by some people out there, but he's young and he loves dinosaurs and his passion is certainly evident in his music. Also, why are blinkers so loud in videos taken in cars but barely audible when driving in your own car? I bet Milo's seen this Dinosaur Train episode about Ornithomimus:

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