STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 November 2011

The Papers Say...

Liliensternus lacks in article space. There is just nothing really there for other folks to read. I wouldn't read some of the things out there that just barely mention it if I wanted to read only about Liliensternus. I'm sad to report that there really is not anything worth mentioning today. The original papers naming Liliensternus are not available anywhere online. The papers that named it into the new lineage of families, not available. The only paper available that has anything to do with Liliensternus directly is a paper about phylogeny in the Ceratosauria. It's a good paper and it talks about Liliensternus a fair amount, but it's still not only about Liliensternus. Enjoy reading it anyhow today and for those of you who don't read over the holidays, Happy Thanksgiving. Those of you that do, check back tomorrow, same time, same channel.

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