STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 March 2012

Missing Evidence

As of today we have more hits this month than any other month since I started writing exclusively about dinosaurs and paleobiology.

Tupuxuara is one of the paleo-critters we discuss which is totally void of children related links on the internet. There is some talk on Dinosaur King sites, but nothing substantial which guarantees information about Tupuxuara or videos related to the animal, which is what it is, but is sad for the future generations. There are no coloring sheets either unless one would like to print out Tuomas Koivurinne's illustration used yesterday and color that, which I am sure he wouldn't mind as long as you didn't post it online or gave him ample credit. You can ask him yourself on any one of his websites (I typically talk to him through DeviantArt, but he also has a Blogger profile).

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