STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 July 2012

Einiosaurus is One Friendly Dinosaur

There are a lot of instances online for you and that child, or inner child, in your life to play games and have child related fun today. First of all, there is no Kid's Dinos page, but there is the Dinosaur Train Field Guide, which I always like as much as Kid's Dinos. There is an entry there because in an episode called "Have You Heard About the Herd?" which may look familiar if you watched the episode about Hesperornis because they're two halves of the same episode. I have to admit though, I am far more excited today about the Einiosaurus puzzle I found online, the illustration used is by Walter Myers, and the coloring pictures below, even if they aren't necessarily coloring pages. Enjoy having family fun today!
Larger version not available right now, but I'm going to check back
The second image I am waiting on the permission of the artist, but I'll get it up here as soon as possible! You can find it here though.

I got permission finally, so feel free to use this one as well!

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