STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 July 2012

Movieless Mondays

Buitreraptor, like so many relatively new dinosaurs, and Southern Hemisphere dinosaurs, does not have any dedicated documentaries or passing mentions in any other documentaries. It is sad, of course, but at least Buitreraptor has some mentions in videos. One very short clip shows the entirety of the skeleton in a closeup pan over, which is great if you cannot get to a museum where a cast is mounted to look at the strange skeleton of this animal.
Additionally, there are the typical "tribute" videos even for Buitreraptor, but since it is so new and relatively unknown, there is only one of those.
This tribute is not too over the top as we have seen in the past and is not infused with "screamo" music either, instead it has rap, so if you hate rap mute that thing up and just watch the slideshow!

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