STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 August 2012

A Good Day to Be A Kid

It is wonderful when a dinosaur reaches a point where enough of the world knows about it that the world tries to educate children about it. There are quite a few sites that have kid oriented education messages teaching the children of the world something about Riojasaurus. There is one of our favorites to mention on this blog, Kids Dinos, as well as the popular but never possessing a scientifically accurate dinosaur drawing, Enchanted Learning. Enchanted Learning does have the bonus of having a coloring sheet built into their page so that your children and other loved ones can color online if you are low on ink or paper or just do not like to print coloring sheets. Additionally, there are more coloring sheets, one found on Flickr that you should ask permission from the holder if you want to post your art work online after you color it; always try to get permission, it will save you and your parents a lot of hassles in the future kids! Also, this image below comes from Arthur's Dinosaur Clipart, where Arthur got it I cannot say. One last thing before I go today. A while back I mentioned a wonderful little up and coming site called Dinosaur Days that is geared more toward the younger ladies in our families but can be enjoyed by the boys as well. If you or someone you know has a subscription (which is only $5 for the online and $7.25 for online and a cd which is not bad at all as far as education websites go) to Dinosaur Days there is information on it as well about Riojasaurus.

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