STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 August 2012

That Popular Skorpiovenator

Skorpiovenator, as we have seen this week, is actually a fairly popular dinosaur given that only one incomplete, though rather complete and articulate as far as holotype skeletons and dinosaur skeletons in general are concerned, has been found. The description of Skorpiovenator helped to identify Abelisaurids more solidly as a group and has helped to define the new clade Brachyrostra under the subfamily of Carnotaurines. Skorpiovenator has been featured on Planet Dinosaur on the BBC and has been mentioned in numerous papers and even a few books. It is lacking in the toy department, but that is okay because eventually it will be modeled in plastics or as a plush because it has far too interesting sounding a name to not gain popularity. However, there's also no Dinosaur King yet, and that's usually one of the first outlets to pick up newer dinosaurs these days, along with Dinosaur Train, so keep an eye on both of those. Until then, Skorpiovenator can be filed under "fantastic name, waiting to get popular."

©Tuomas Koivurinne
My favorite young paleoartist from Finland

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