STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 August 2012

A Nice End to The Week

Indosuchus has had a difficult week here. There was the unfortunate lack of children's material on Sunday, which was excluding something to be presented shortly which can be for anyone any age, and then the lack of documentary and movie roles for our poor Indian dinosaur. Wednesday saw a skeleton that is so marked with missing members and overall generic that there really was not anything worth discussing as "new" to out knowledge of dinosaur anatomy; this can be considered false when you think of it from the point of view that any dinosaur has anatomy that is new to us of course. Today, what could I possibly have that we have not yet seen about Indosuchus? Is there a new Dinosaur Train, Dino Dan, brand new toys? Not at all, what I have, what we have not seen for a few weeks at least, is Dinosaur King. I know some people do not get excited about card games, I have a huge collection of Magic: The Gathering cards still- I am nerdy, I know it- but Dinosaur King does do a great service to our dinosaur friends in that it involves as accurately portrayed specimens as possible of any dinosaur it can get its hands on and with the combined cartoon and card game, it has introduced dinosaurs, or card games and cartoons conversely, to a lot of children that would have had no interest in dinosaurs previously (almost like the imbecilic Dinobots did in Transformers). Regardless, Dinosaur King, as a game, not a cartoon, has put out three versions of Indosuchus cards, seen below. I am happy to say that the cards show the stunted abelisaurid hands also, not bunny handed T. Rex arms!

All Dinosaur King cards are the property of SEGA and Upper Deck, an
unlikely combination I admit, but an interesting one.


  1. I bought these cards for my grandson. It is a wonder to me that that he now knows so much about them. Even to being able to spell the names and tell me bout them. I personally find it to help
    with his education.

    1. My 3yr old niece can say some names like Parasaurolophus. Kids love dinosaurs. Not just to promote myself, but I urge you to check back at least on Sundays for whatever family treats I can find for you to have fun with your grandson!

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