STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 August 2012

Interesting Children's Information

There are multiple sources of information which, for most school aged children, would be fairly easy to read. Scientific descriptions and writings are difficult for anyone to read, that's why "fairly easy" is about as close to easy as I would dare say any source would ever be for a child to read. There is a strange issue with these pages, though, which does not often come up when searching for information that can be used or read to the youths in our lives. Typically I image Sundays could go something like this: Your young nephew or niece, son or daughter, pulls up a chair or sits on your knee while you read along with them or to them the little dinosaur facts and they can look at the picture of the dinosaur to physically see it; then you print out something to color and everyone has milk and cookies while watching the dinosaur specific Dinosaur Train episode and a happy time ensues. You can still print out something to color today, but there is no picture for them to look at while you read to them on Enchanted Learning,, or DinoChecker. In fact, the second and third resources show pictures of random dinosaurs with a question mark over them instead. It is just very strange. However, if they need to envision Wannanosaurus to enjoy their dinosaur this week, you can print this pachycephalosaur and color while you read. It's an approximation, but probably a fairly good one.

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