STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 August 2012

Riojasaurus in Pop Culture

Riojasaurus isn't the most popular dinosaur in the world, we can readily admit that, however, it does have a certain level of notoriety within the general public, which is pretty awesome. Riojasaurus has shown up in a lot of children's links, if you look back to Sunday and a tribute video has been made. They have shown up in Jurassic Park games and books quite regularly. Granted they have not been the main animal discussed for an entire book, but they have been mentioned over and over in many different books. Dinosaur King is lacking, for once, in Riojasaurus materials. There are not very many toys either. It's one of those dinosaurs that has shown up a few places, but doesn't really seem to show up in the places we would expect in order for it to gain popularity. Now that a skull has been found and described and the Galton and Sereno theory has been laid out about sauropod and prosauropod evolution perhaps they will become better known in the near future.

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