STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 August 2012

Skorpiovenator Despises Babysitting

Skorpiovenator is not going to be good at teaching your children today, or keeping them occupied. The only thing we have today like a fact sheet for Skorpiovenator is a dinosaur encyclopedia page taken from Wikipedia and reformatted slightly. New dinosaurs often suffer from a lack of child friendly internet material, and that is what has happened today, but never fear! I have a couple links to art, which I did not get the artist's permission to reprint here, which, while not intended as coloring pages, could certainly be used as coloring pages for Skorpiovenator; its got a bit more of a T. Rex head, that's the only bad issue I have with it. There is also this design and the artist states it is going into a comic book, which is pretty neat.

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