STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 September 2012

Mislabeled and Unshown

Arrhinoceratops is not in the movies. There are two clips of video out on the internet that claim to be Arrhinoceratops, but neither is. One is a Discovery channel video, believe it or not, that is mislabeled somewhat atrociously considering the clip is narrated and from a show that they ran a few years ago, meaning the designers of the website should be getting handed the titles and videos by people with access, eventually down the line, to the scripts, or at least transcripts of, the original show as it was aired. It's a bit crazy really. Regardless, the animal actually shown in the clip hosted by Discovery is Zuniceratops, an earlier, smaller (about the size of a cow) Ceratopsian that lived thousands of miles to the south in what is now New Mexico. The second clip is a home video of, I think, a roadside attraction known as Dinosaur World that operates in three places in the U.S. Again, regardless, the dinosaur in the clip was not Arrhinoceratops, but what looks to be a rather odd Pachyrhinosaurus, I am not even going to link the video, it's a weird mislabeled model, but anyone that is interested can go to Youtube and type in Arrhinosaurus and it pops up right away. It is a disappointing day in terms of dinosaur movies today, but maybe someone reading does have a video that they will not mind sharing; maybe not today, maybe not next year, but maybe someday!

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