STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 May 2013

Behavior From Nothing

I have already posted this once this week, but it is always nice to look at the skeletal remains of our dinosaur for the week more than once. As we have seen Australovenator is a dinosaur of very fragmentary evidence. The lack of pelvis and shoulder girdles as well as the majority of the skull are missing and, of course, that means an enormous amount of detail and information are missing. The skull alone would be a wealth of information that we are missing out on. The illustrations and general idea of the skull appear to favor a rather slender skull that looks average in its musculature. This interpretation is built off of the design of the legs and hands that we have evidence for. The Allosaurid appearance of the skeleton accounts for this interpretation of the overall build of the dinosaur as well. Assuming that the hand claws were not all built like the one claw we do have evidence for, the hand would have been fairly peculiar like, this was mentioned previously, that of Baryonyx. Feet, we have little to no clues about and the agility of the remainder of the body is also a bit of a mystery at present. I personally hope for a sleek body frame that uses a little speed along with that claw. Actually, I would not be surprised if all of the hand claws were built like the one that has been recovered. That would make for an interesting predation toolset.

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