STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 May 2013

Kids Know Minmi

In Australia there seems to have, at least recently, been a big push for knowing all of the animals around the continent on which you live. Steve Irwin and a lot of other things come to mind that targeted children specifically in terms of education about  Australian wildlife. That is not a bad thing at all and it seems as though the push to know your wildlife has extended to dinosaurs as well (remember the many child-oriented Australovenator presentations we saw). Many sites that we frequent have good Minmi information that is kid friendly, but there are even more that are based specifically in Australia as well. Kids Dinos, Science Kids, and Enchanted Learning all have pages dedicated completely to Minmi. The National Dinosaur Museum of Australia also has a page dedicated to Minmi and clearly has one on display as well. There are not any dedicated coloring pages, but this image would serve if anyone just had to color today:

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