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STL Science Center

02 May 2013

Game Popularity

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Staurikosaurus has appeared in a few video games. Granted those in Spore videos are made by the people that put them into the game, it still counts. The enterprising video that I have included here even gave Staurikosaurus some offspring and, presumably, the parental care genes that keep this individual from eating its offspring. That is a pretty powerful assumption to make for pretty much any animal (any animal without the human ethical code at least anyhow; take that Swift). All kidding aside, this Spore creation deserves some pretty high praise given its accuracy for the remains we have and the fact that the person that created this had the imagination, or maybe knowledge, to create offspring that are fairly believable as well as the parenting instinct to not eat the little creatures. I am pretty sure creatures "eat" each other all the time in the Spore universe, so that is a pretty tall order in and of itself.

Additionally, Staurikosaurus shows up in other video games such as this Dinosaur Safari clip. Strangely enough, I have to say, the Zoo Tycoon people at Microsoft have always gone with Herrerasaurus rather than Staurikosaurus, which is okay, but somewhat sad based on the fact that people that play it, like me, love variety in our dinosaurs. Apparently, and I did not find this Monday for movie day, Staurikosaurus has also made an appearance in a documentary I have not heard of called Animal Armageddon. Considering the fact that I watch everything that ever comes out about dinosaurs no matter the accuracy, it is pretty rare that I have not heard of a dinosaur documentary. I should put out a caveat to myself though; I have not had cable/satellite television since 2006 in my home, so sometimes I learn about things a ways after they are out on television. Regardless, the episode in which Staurikosaurus appears is on YouTube. There are no toys to speak of and, very sadly, no plush or crochet toys (like last week). Staurikosaurus is clearly fairly popular though, and that is a start.

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