STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 May 2013

Minmi the Dinosaur

Seems expensive for a stamp.
As stated on Friday, looking up Minmi without dinosaur turns up a lot of Japanese pop music. We are looking for popular references today, but not to Japanese pop music. Unfortunately, I think I may have shared most of the references for Minmi that could be considered to be popular culture. We had the puppets in Los Angeles and museum discussions in Australia. I shared books on Tuesday and a lot of illustrations throughout the week. Australia does clearly love their dinosaurs though; Minmi appears on a postage stamp and on one company's phone cards.

Calling people via dinosaurs.
Additionally, Minmi has been modeled into a toy. These toys appear to be Safari LTD type models, though the website does not make it apparent what company produced them. They are sold through Australian Age of Dinosaurs, but I am sure they can also be found elsewhere. Other companies have also crafted Minmi models, but the linked model appears to be the newest. Minmi also shows up in Dinosaur King, one of our most reliable card/video games and cartoons for depicting dinosaurs. There is also an Australian dinosaur painting kit, but I could not find an online store that had any available, so I am not going to link that today.

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